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Rare and Heritage Breeds

Credit Devon Mary Ward / The Whimsy Dog Studio

Credit Devon Mary Ward / The Whimsy Dog Studio

As our rabbitry evolves, we find our attention shifting to those breeds classified as Rare or Heritage.


A “Rare” breed is self-explanatory. These rabbits are extremely difficult to find and in danger of extinction. The “heritage” breed classification is monitored by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory and designates the animals were developed in the United States. These classifications make note of animals that offer something special to the rabbit world and to the United States.


We raise Silver Fox and Cinnamon rabbits and are very proud to do so. Additionally, the Champagne d’Argent is a breed that has flirted with the rare breeds list over the years, although it is very common in Europe. We love the personality of these rabbits and their usefulness as a multi-purpose animal, both cuddly, showable, and nutritious!

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