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How To Choose Your Bunny


Choosing a healthy rabbit is quite simple as with rabbits, barring unseen genetic deformities, etc. what you see is what you get!

First, take your time with the seller.  Whether you are at the sellers rabbitry or have met somewhere else, spend several minutes listening for sneezing.  A rabbit with snuffles will likely sneeze or have a sneezing fit in a 10-15 minutes period.

Look at the nose and eyes, which should be clean and clear.  The ears should be observed, but before that, if the head or ears appear oily or greasy it could be an indication that the rabbit has recently been treated for ear mites.

Check the hocks for sores or unhealthy-looking pads.  Don’t buy a greasy rabbit, sneezing rabbit, a rabbit with a runny nose or gunky eyes, a rabbit with audible breathing or rustling/raspy breathing, a rabbit with sore hocks, or a dirty coat.

Most rabbits that pass this quick audio/visual test should be fine quality.  Remember, however, nothing can guarantee that the rabbit will be a good breeder except experience.

Reprinted from Sky Island Livestock, LLC.

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