30 Rabbit Facts

There are many reasons to raise your own rabbits.

The following “rabbit facts” were taken from C. Park Romney’s book, Raising Rabbits at Home:

1. One doe can produce 70-110 lbs. of dressed meat each year.

2. Rabbits are multipurpose animals. They are used for meat, fur, wool, laboratory experiments, etc.

3. They are raised in all 50 states.

4. There are over 40 known breeds of rabbits.

5. Presently over 200,000 families raise rabbits.

6. Only 500 to 600 does provide full-time employment.

7. There are over 300 different recipes for rabbit. Additionally, any chicken recipe can be substituted with rabbit.

8. Rabbit wool is lighter and warmer than any other animal wool.

9. After slaughter 93% of the entire carcass is useable.

10. Only about 7% of the rabbit consists of bone.

11. Rabbits have no diseases communicable to humans.

12. Most felt hats are made from rabbit pelts.

13. Rabbit fur can duplicate 85% of all other furs.

14. Rabbit meat helps stomach disorders.

15. The rabbits foot has been a good luck charm for centuries.

16. Gardeners will virtually beg for rabbit manure as plant food.

17. Rabbits are the only edible farm animal able to produce 1,000% of it’s own weight in offspring per year.

18. They are the cleanest of all vegetarians.

19. They can produce a litter in only one month’s time.

20. They can breed all year around.

21. Some people claim rabbits are rodents. They aren’t; they are lagomorphs.

22. Rabbit manure is almost odor free if kept fairly dry.

23. Rabbit manure will not burn plants even when applied fresh.

24. Rabbits won’t crow, bark or howl at the moon at midnight or any other time.

25. Domestic rabbit meat does not have a strong or wild taste.

26. Rabbits can begin reproducing by 4-to-5 months of age.

27. In 1/70 of an acre about 5 tons of rabbit meat can be produced annually.

28. Raising rabbits requires a very low investment.

29. Geologists claim that rabbits are opposums are the oldest known living animals.

30. Rabbits have been reported to weigh up to 26 lbs.


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