Ugly Babies

While most “baby” animals end up looking cute, the majority are born looking pretty… well… pathetic.

Baby bunnies are no exception.

Baby bunnies are born hairless, with their eyes and ears closed. They are very susceptible to death, as they can get chilled quickly. Mama pulls hair out of her dewlap (basically a double chin with purpose!) and uses the hair as insulation for the litter.

Holland lop litter, hours old.

And, did I mention they’re ugly?

Champagne d’Argent, hours old.

Mama rabbits will nurse only once or twice each day and stay away from the babies in the meantime. Somehow, even without much nurturing, love and support, the baby rabbits will gradually grow hair and fill out.

Champagne d’Argent, three days old.

The wisest course of action during this time for a human is to simply leave the babies alone. Check them once, maybe twice, each day to be sure you don’t have a dead baby in the nestbox. (Distracting mama with a bit of apple, carrot, or celery is a good idea.) Other than that, just let time take its course and mature the babies.

If a baby bunny is born pink, odds are it will be white. Black skin color is equal to black bunnies.

Champagne d’Argent, six days old.

We’re excited every time we have a new litter – and patience is hard! But healthy baby bunnies are what we’re after, so it’s best to let the mama do what the mama does best and stay out of the way!

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