My name is Brick and I’m a stud.

Dear admiring public,

My name is Brick.

I’m the newest stud around Mad Hatter and, well, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really quite a catch.


If you look closely here, you’ll see eight pounds of handsome Silver Marten specimen captured in this body, excellent eye rings, great silvering up my sides, and a well-filled haunch. I’m a pretty cool buck.

I came to live in the mountains this weekend with my sweetheart, Bonfire. She’s a great gal, we’ve got a few kits running around. She’s two, which is getting a little old for a lady rabbit, but me, I’m still in my prime!

What I don’t understand is this cute little bun bun I met once I got here. Her name is Peppermint and she’s a fox! Great hair, good silvering, she’s the type of gal I want to spend some quality time with, if you know what I mean. When we met yesterday I thought in my head, “Yeah! I’m gonna get me some of that!”

She rejected me. It’s never happened to me before. I always make a positive impression on the ladies! I don’t know if it’s because of her age or my newness or what, but… but… that girl… she bit me!

peppermint and brick

She must not know my pedigree. She must not have heard of my winnings at the shows. She must be naive.

This simply cannot be. I demand an opportunity to pursue my romantic inclinations again! I have a purpose in life and that purpose is to procreate! Bonfire is not enough for me, I need Peppermint to complete my reputation!

I don’t know where this leaves me. I hope I’ll be singing a different tune in the next 24 hours. I cannot be beaten by a sassy young thing named Peppermint. It must not happen.


The Brick, a.k.a. Stud Muffin

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