Birthday Parties and Easter Bunnies

Wanna take me to your birthday party??

Wanna take me to your birthday party??

We have been busy breeding bunnies around here in preparation for two big rabbit seasons – Easter and the fair. We have several litters due around the end of December and beginning of January!


A friend suggested we give “birthday bunnies” a try and, after checking several other rabbitries that offer this option, we’re going to give this idea a whirl at Mad Hatter with our next crop of baby bunnies.


Do you have a birthday party coming up where baby bunnies would be a hit? We will bring cute, cuddly baby puffs of bunnies to your party (number proportional to the number of party attendees you have) and do a short, educational talk on rabbits, then give your kiddos a chance to play with a bunny! They learn a little, play a little, and we get a chance to spread knowledge about how awesome rabbits are to our community! Win, win for everyone!


We’ve tested this idea on a daycare center – the kids LOVED petting our rabbit, especially because the breeds we have are so exceptionally soft!


If you’re interested in scheduling a birthday party in February or March, shoot us an email at madhatterrabbits {at} gmail {dot} com!

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