County Fair

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kyslesmith / stock.xchng

I’m in a quandry about the county fair and how we should participate.

You see, I want to participate. We’re raising some fairly unusual breeds for the area and showing our rabbits at the fair will give them plenty of exposure and possible help new people fall in love with the breeds, which can only help in the long run.

But… there are so many people at the fair and I have a vision of children poking cotton candy sticks through the wire of the cages and temperatures soaring up and away…

I’d love to hear if any of you have any experiences of entering your rabbits in the county fair and what recommendations you might have for us?

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One thought on “County Fair

  1. Tammy M Gray July 24, 2013 at 8:37 pm Reply

    I am a strong supporter of county fairs and local events, and you’re right, they’re a great way to introduce new people to the hobby and grow interest in rare breeds. Having said that, I would not enter any rabbits that you are not prepared to lose. I don’t know how the care or air conditioning situation is in your county — but there’s just so much risk of something going wrong that you can’t control. If losing a certain rabbit would mess up your breeding program or be devastating, keep it at home. Rabbits that you would be willing to sell or part with, are the ones that I’d personally consider entering. Keep them in quarantine when they do come home afterward. I’m not saying this to disparage the fair, and I would be willing to bet that they’ll get good care while they’re there, but just the fact that you can’t control the environment makes me want to use caution. I have entered rabbits in support of my local fair in the past, but not any that would disrupt my breeding program if anything happened to them. They were well-cared for and came home just fine.


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