What a Crock!

626 / stock.xchng

626 / stock.xchng

Well, it’s happened.


Our water bottles froze solid in our mountaintop town last night, so it’s time to replace them with crocks for the winter.


Making sure your rabbit has access to water all the time is highly important for the health and security of the rabbit. We have moved all of our rabbits to large water bottles over the summer for the ease of refilling and the pure volume they offer. But when the temperature dip as they can here in the mountains, those water bottles just don’t cut it anymore.


We switch to crocks of water we refill at least two times a day. Last year I found a fantastic price on ceramic bread dishes as Michael’s craft store and stocked up. Our rabbits celebrate Christmas all winter long! This year we are using those crocks as well as EZ lock plastic dishes that attach to the walls of the cages.


We still have to watch the water dishes to make sure the rabbits have their water, but its our solution until we install a heated automatic water system… which is on the list of things to do but not too high!


Now it’s time to wash all those water bottles and get them in spic-n-span condition for the spring when we can use them again!

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