When Kids Win, We Win

That's our rabbit in the paper! Just pulled in $550 at auction because that child rocked her fair experience! Woo hoo!

That’s our rabbit in the paper! Just pulled in $550 at auction because that child rocked her fair experience! Woo hoo!

This year we worked with several 4H groups around the state to set kids up with rabbits for their upcoming fairs. We decided early on that kids would have access to the best rabbits we have available at a discounted rate. Our decision was to start with a set price that was discounted from our normal sales prices, and then give the kids a chance to answer three trivia questions about rabbit husbandry. Each correct answer was an additional $5 discount.


The rules for showing in 4H are different from the rules for showing in ARBA. Typically the 4H guidelines are not as stringent on the “show” quality of a rabbit, which has led to some breeders selling 4H members their worst rabbits and justifying it by saying, “It’s just for 4H.”


When we first got in to rabbits we had an experienced breeder get quite animated about how rotten he thought that mindset was, so from the very beginning we have been of the opinion that 4H kids will get the best quality show rabbit we have available. We want them to love their rabbit, be proud of their animal, and have a decent chance at continuing to show as adults. Getting good rabbits in to the hands of kids is a major step toward achieving those goals.


Having four kids of our own might have also biased us toward helping kids as well!


Over the past few months we have gotten messages from the parents of the 4H-ers who have our rabbits with reports of does having litters as expected and rabbits showing well at the fair. Then today I got news that one of our rabbits went to auction at the fair and earned a $550 bid!


We’re so stinkin’ proud of these kids and the hard work that goes in to preparing for a fair and for showmanship! They have worked their tails off to learn their breeds, about rabbits, and how to present themselves with confidence! Their parents have made sacrifices to get livestock and educate themselves so they can help their children succeed and their project leaders have gone the extra mile to arrange for quality animals. It truly is a group effort and we appreciate that so very much!


We’re thrilled that our rabbits have been able to play a piece in the success of these kids, but mostly just proud of these children who are willing to go the extra mile and participate in agriculture and their communities. When they win, we win… and we truly believe they are a light toward a brighter future for our country.

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