What About the Poop?!

Bunny Berries are excellent for reuse in gardens.


Rabbit manure, or “bunny berries,” used as a plant fertilizer is superior to other manures due to its unique composition. Often referred to as “super fertilizer” or “Bunny Gold,” gardeners revel in the fast and abundant growth of their crops, plants, gardens and produce. Rabbit manure will not “burn” the plants when applied directly to the plants.

Composting with rabbit manure is also popular and rabbit manure ranks among the finest of all manures to use for this purpose.

Worm farming (Vermiculture) has additional benefits as the worms thrive in properly maintained worm beds and rabbit manure is the favorite manure to use for raising worms. The raising of worms under cages can be used to eliminate odor in the barns. Open, ventilated barns are ideal for this venture.

Worm farming also provides additional income by selling the worms for bait or composting, and the worm “castings” as potting soil.


Written by Pat Lamar, President of the Professional Rabbit Meat Association (PRMA) and the Chairperson of the Commercial Department Committee for the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), 1998

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