A Family Affair

Daddy’s overseer during cage manufacturing!

One of the great draws for us in raising rabbits is the ability for each member of our family to participate.


Our children can help around the rabbitry in many ways each day:


  • They can check the food and water levels
  • They can watch the weather report and make sure our rabbits are protected in inclement weather
  • The are able to rake up any bunny berries that get out of line
  • They can socialize each rabbit


Additionally, our children are learning life skills from their time working with the rabbits:


  • They learn how to respect a precious creature and honor life
  • They gain pride in accomplishment as the animals thrive
  • They experience joy in the companionship of their rabbit
  • They understand financial responsibility and opportunity cost as they raise and sell
  • They gain knowledge of where their food comes from
  • They learn basics of genetics through breeding


There are many other ways our children benefit from having rabbits, but these are a few that are compelling for us. What would you add to the discussion?

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