The Rabbit in my Office

Dallas, the pregnant rabbit in my office.

Dallas, the pregnant rabbit in my office.

There’s a rabbit in my office.


A very pregnant rabbit.


Dallas is on day 28 today and I swear she’s about to pop! Last night I held her on my lap and gently wrapped my hands around her belly. All across my fingers, in different spots, I felt little nudges as her babies bumped along inside of her and against the pressure of my hands.


The temperatures are predicted to drop to zero again for the next week and instead of risking losing the entire litter to freeze we decided to bring her inside for the birthing and however long it makes sense after they’re born.


We’ve learned this lesson the hard way – we lost every baby from our other two litters last week to the weather. I’m heartsick about it and will be doing our best to keep that from happening again… thus, we have a rabbit in our office.


I have to admit, I’m hoping our close quarters will give me a chance to see her actually giving birth! If it works out, be assured I will be whipping out the video camera in a flash!

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