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I am probably getting in way over my head here, but it looks like we may have a new pet project.

Astrex mini Rex, 19 days old

Astrex mini Rex, 19 days old

Astrex Mini Rex, 19 Days Old

Astrex Mini Rex, 19 Days Old

Our very first litter of mini Rex was born 19 days ago to a first-time mom, Inca and first-time dad, Bushy. They’re both broken, so the resulting litter is 100% broken coloring with many charlies as well. As they’ve developed they’ve caught my attention because their hair seemed to be… peculiar. But it’s our first purebred Rex litter so I wasn’t sure what I was seeing wasn’t… normal.

Astrex mini Rex litter, 10 days old

Astrex mini Rex litter, 10 days old

10 Days Old

Astrex Mini Rex litter, 19 Days Old

Astrex Mini Rex litter, 19 Days Old

19 Days Old

It appears this litter has gotten a full helping of the very rare Astrex gene. This fur type is not recognized by ARBA, so breeders of show rabbits who find it in their nest boxes typically cull. Also, the curl may not stick around through the baby fur and will molt out to normal… the parents of this litter are completely normal in their mini Rex fur, not a curl to be seen!

I’ve been scouring the internet for information and have discovered a few people who are breeding specifically for this trait. It can be found in several breeds besides Rex and mini Rex, also in Harlequin and New Zealand. I’m trying to learn more, so if you, or anyone you know, has found curly coated rabbits in their nestboxes, please let me know! I’ve also created a Facebook page to further discussion on this topic.




Links to the other pages I’ve discovered talking about Astrex:

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Nesting & Birth!

We caught the nesting and birthing on video! Dallas was an amazing mom and we have 8 new little ones!

Each baby has its own birth sack and placenta, which mom eats. Dallas got all but two and that’s what you can see her eating in the video.

The video isn’t professional quality, but it’s more than you usually see. Enjoy!

(Also need to mention these are not her normal quarters! This is a special cage we’re using because we had to bring her inside. It was -6* last night! We will move her back to her big space as soon as we can without losing all of them to the cold weather.)

The Rabbit in my Office

Dallas, the pregnant rabbit in my office.

Dallas, the pregnant rabbit in my office.

There’s a rabbit in my office.


A very pregnant rabbit.


Dallas is on day 28 today and I swear she’s about to pop! Last night I held her on my lap and gently wrapped my hands around her belly. All across my fingers, in different spots, I felt little nudges as her babies bumped along inside of her and against the pressure of my hands.


The temperatures are predicted to drop to zero again for the next week and instead of risking losing the entire litter to freeze we decided to bring her inside for the birthing and however long it makes sense after they’re born.


We’ve learned this lesson the hard way – we lost every baby from our other two litters last week to the weather. I’m heartsick about it and will be doing our best to keep that from happening again… thus, we have a rabbit in our office.


I have to admit, I’m hoping our close quarters will give me a chance to see her actually giving birth! If it works out, be assured I will be whipping out the video camera in a flash!

To Add or Not To Add

Durango, buck, chocolate otter.

Durango, buck, chocolate otter.

The big question around here the last few days is whether we will be adding to our mini Rex herd.


A few months ago I fell head over heels in love with a chocolate otter buck named Dexter. The sight of him literally stopped me in my tracks! I hadn’t realized I loved chocolate otters until then, and once I saw it the first time, I was hooked.


Otters are distinctive because they have a lighter color on the inside of the ears, on nose, around the eyes and running along each side of the tummy.


After falling in love with Dexter we decided to pursue standard Rex’s with the hope of getting chocolate otters, and right now we have Durango growing up so when we breed him we will have our own standard Rex chocolate otters running around here!


Yesterday, however, Dexter’s owner contacted me and asked if we’d like to have him hang out with us. (She’s narrowing her focus to different colors.)


We need another mini Rex about as much as a punch to the gut, but this is Dexter we’re talking about! We’ve been going back and forth over cage space, long term plans, and such… and right now we’re leaning toward bringing Dexter home with us.


Oh! The rabbit madness!


Bunny Hop

Teddy visited with a local preschool today.

Today we had a chance to take Teddy to a local preschool.


He was perfectly behaved and the kids really enjoyed the opportunity to rub his velvety fur! Rabbits are excellent therapy animals and most enjoy socializing with people.


I heard the kids are going to read The Velveteen Rabbit this week in honor of Teddy’s visit!

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