2015 ARBA Nationals, Portland, OR

ARBA Nationals 2015 in Portland, Oregon

ARBA Nationals 2015 in Portland, Oregon

We have arrived home from 2015 ARBA nationals in Portland, OR! What a crazy, wonderful experience!

Last year was the first year we even attempted to send rabbits to the ARBA National show. It was in Ft. Worth and we were nervous that we would be blown out of the water by the stiff competition. Imagine our joy to discover our Silver Fox doe, Zelos, took Best Opposite of Breed for Silver Fox! Emboldened by this success, we prepared to send rabbits again this year.

We sent our rabbits up via vehicle while we flew. Portland was in the midst of a strong rain storm, apparently more than usual!, and so it was a bit dreary, but the Portland Expo Center hosting the event was always cheery and full of people having a good time and loving rabbits.

When it was all said and done, our three breeds we entered did pretty well, although we didn’t come home with top honors in anything this year.

We took a break from the showroom for lunch one day.

Blanc de Hotot:

1st 6/8 buck in Open

2nd Junior buck in Open

1st and 2nd Junior does in Youth

Champagne d’Argent:

2nd and 6th 6/8 does in Youth

Silver Fox:

4th 6/8 buck in Open

13th 6/8 doe in Open

6th 6/8 doe in Youth

We learned so much from the experience and loved meeting the breeders we usually read about on Facebook.

Fun at the synonym park in Baltimore, MD.

Fun at the synonym park in Baltimore, MD.

Next year is San Diego – we’re already planning to attend with the whole family this time!

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