How to Enter a Show and Show Organization

Recently we were asked about how we manage our show entries with five breeds and five show exhibitors – so, with trepidation (because I’m pretty confident you’re going to think this is insanity), I am happy to share with you… the

Rabbit Brain Excel Spreadsheet


This is a sample of the excel spreadsheet we’ve been using, along with our pedigree program, to manage our rabbitry. We have some additional pages on the spreadsheet I didn’t include because they contain the contact information of people on waiting lists for our rabbits, but you could be free to take this spreadsheet and make it your own if you find it useful!


Even though we all show different rabbits at the show I tend to be the manager of all paperwork! Here’s how we’ve made the spreadsheet work for us:


On page 1 I have the rabbits and their tattoos for those coming and going to the current show. This is so I don’t try to take more rabbits than our car can hold! (We’ve played rabbit carrier Tetris before and it tends to make the spouse a tad grumpy!) If we are selling rabbits at the show I will make note of it on the side, who they’re going to, and whether they’ve already paid/has the pedigree been delivered, etc. This “Load Sheet” is what I print when we’re getting the rabbits into carriers before we leave the house to be certain everyone who is supposed to go… Goes!

On page 2 you’ll find an exhaustive list of the showable rabbits we’ve ever shown that might currently go to a show at any point. I keep even our retired animals on this list. They don’t move off it unless they’re permanently removed from the herd. I also never fill in the “class” column unless they are a SR, as this class assignment will change!


All of this information is organized the way the show entry form asks for the information:

(Name is only for our family’s purposes)



Variety (find specifics in the Standard of Perfection as they are breed specific)

Class (clarity is in the Standard of Perfection, this is also breed specific)


(who in our family shows them)



The third page contains the actual entries we make to any particular show. This is filled after we take the time to go through each of our rabbits and assess which ones are show-ready. I can easily copy and paste their information from Page 2, fill in the class, and have it ready. This allows me to easily sort the list by the person who is showing that particular rabbit, then by the breed, then by the sex, then by the class using the Excel sort function.


Once the entries are sorted by exhibitor I’m ready to do a copy and paste from the spreadsheet to the email for the entry in the show.


The only thing wanted for the show entry is:

Exhibitor Name, address, phone number, email

Which show(s) will be entered (many shows have more than one showing and identify this by A, B, C, etc.)

Whether they will be shown in OPEN or YOUTH

Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbit Breed

Rabbit Variety

Rabbit Class

Rabbit Sex


It’s easy enough to copy and paste this information into the body of an email addressed to the show secretary. Then I hit “enter” on that email and we’re registered for the show!
Now, once we’ve actually arrived at the show I have a whole different level of tracking I employ. (I stole this idea from a very seasoned shower and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this method!) We have a simple little spiral notebook where we keep all of this information and it allows us to track how each rabbit has done at each show, under each judge. Brilliance!
Show Page

This is our brain while at the show!

You can see that the columns represent the specific show (in this case show A and show B) and the last column is comments. I always separate by Breed and try to have the rabbits grouped by sex and class because that’s how the judge will rank them.
All those smudged-out spots are the rabbit’s tattoo number. Since we call them by name around our house, most of them look very similar, and the judge will rank them by tattoo number, it’s wise for us to have both name and tattoo number written on this show page.
Finally you’ll notice the ranking that the specific rabbit has and how many rabbits were in that particular class. If they take home a Best of Breed or Best Opposite of Breed I can note it to the side and that allows us to see which rabbit will be called up for which show during the Best in Show judging.
I hope these provide some useful visuals for you! It’s only one way of management and it’s working for us, but I’d love to hear what works for you!


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